According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 6.9% or 15.4 million adults in the U.S. have used massage therapy in 2012. On the other hand, the U.S. Department of Labor have announced that there will be a 23% increase in the employment of massage therapists from 2012 to 2022, which is said to be faster than the average of all occupations combined. With these data, there is an apparent demand and more prevalent awareness about the benefits that massage therapy offers.


Massage, apparently, has many benefits that is why it is also used in several medical treatments such as physiotherapy. Physical therapy that relies on the use of different massage techniques has helped thousands of individuals that suffer from minor body pains to physical disabilities, which pushed clinics to be more available to clients. This demand has resulted to a new availability which makes physiotherapy clinic opens on Sunday to accommodate more clients.


If you haven’t tried or even considered it yet, below are five reasons why you must indulge your body in a massage therapy session:


Effectively Relieves Stress 


We nourish both the inside and outside of our body through eating of healthy food. However, this is not a guarantee that we’ll be free of stress especially if we have a lot of work to accomplish every day. Usually, we feel stressed at the end of every day due to the demanding tasks that don’t only require physical work but also require us to think. So, to relieve ourselves of the acquired stress, a massage therapy session is one great way to pamper the body. Aside from the relaxing and comfortable feeling we get, we also become healthier because a good massage helps in lowering our heart rate. It also helps in controlling the levels of our insulin and cortisol.


Significantly Improves Posture 


Quitting bad habits such as smoking or eating too much sweets can be very difficult and doesn’t make us comfortable. Well, because we’re trying to stay away from the habits that made us comfortable in the first place. However, with bad posture, going to the massage clinic for a regular therapy is indeed relaxing. You get to correct your bones and body movements through scheduled massage sessions. You get your proper posture back through a rest and recovery process.


Improves Blood Circulation 


Our body functions well when there is enough, continuous and smooth flow of blood to the different body organs and systems. When we undergo massage, the blood stuck in certain parts of the body, particularly those that are congested, are released. This happens when the therapist apply pressure on those parts, which also causes us to feel like we’ve loosen up. The pressure that frees congested blood makes way for the flow of new blood. This don’t just improve blood circulation. It also improves organ functions.


Relieves Headaches and Lowers Blood Pressure 


Around 45 million of the American population suffer from migraine and chronic headache. Among the several factors that cause this are the stresses acquired from crowded and noisy work space, congested roads and heavy traffic, too much air pollutants, and others. Headaches and migraines can be treated with massage therapy. The right pressure helps in easing the pain and pressure in the nerves. When done regularly, you also get to lessen he frequency of these unwanted physical pains.


There are a lot of misconceptions on numerous medical conditions. High blood pressure is among them. People try different remedies such as eating garlic every day or taking of over the counter medication. But one and great way to effectively lower blood pressure is massage.  


Promotes Easier Breathing and Improves Flexibility 


When you find it hard to breathe you are probably suffering from anxiety and stress. These constrict your breathing. With massage therapy, your body is trained to relax and relives you of the respiratory issues you currently have.


When we get old, our joints become tighter. This makes it harder for us to move. Undergoing massage sessions, our joints become more fluid, which makes you less vulnerable to injuries and more flexible at the same time.


Stress has become the culprit to many diseases and illnesses today. Perhaps, the demands of this modern world is what cause the prevalence of health problems to huge population of individuals, both employed and unemployed. Although stress cannot be avoided, it can prevented through a number of ways, one of which is massage therapy.


With these benefits, there is no denying that you need to indulge in massage therapy not just to get relaxed but also to live well and healthier.