physiotherapyLiving in Werribee has made my life better because of the countless memories I have shared with my family and friends. Until today, I still reside in the area and am now a mother of two little and smart kids. During the last several years, I was challenged to take care well of my kids. I had to work harder at the office and at home. I strived hard to accomplish my tasks in the office before the deadlines so I can always go home early and spend more time with my kids. I was successful most of the days of the week. But there were times that I failed because my body is failing me too. During those times, my body was not as healthy and strong as before. But I thought that I am not that old and that I can still regain my vigor and youthful strength. So I ask my very strong and health parents about their secrets. Even if they are already in their twilight years, they can still do a lot of things including travel to other countries. I got interest when they told me about physical therapy.  

After asking my parents about the physio in Werribee VIC they trust the most, I decided to go to the clinic the next week because I don’t want to prolong my agony. On the day of my visit, I learned a lot of things that pushed me to try physiotherapy. For one, I learned that the therapy does not involve any intake of either organic or synthetic medicines. This made more interested because it means that I won’t have to experience the possibility of suffering from the side effects of drugs. AS we all know, prescription medicines are medicines that are usually made with artificial or synthetic ingredients and chemicals. When these foreign elements enter the human body, they may pose risks that can later on worsen the person’s health condition. I was amazed when I get to finally understand that physiotherapy involves exercises and body movements that are used primarily to address cardiopulmonary, neurological, and orthopedic problems among adults, children, geriatric population and infants.  

During the consultation with the practitioner, I also learned that they use their skills and knowledge to improve a range of health conditions that are associated with the body’s various systems. The therapy addresses the respiratory system’s conditions such as cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma. It also addresses the cardiovascular system’s conditions such as chronic heart attack while the neuromusculoskeletal and neurological systems’ conditions are sports injuries, back pain, whiplash, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis. When I learned about these conditions, I immediately classified my condition as a problem that falls under the neuromusculoskeletal system’s problems. I concluded that I need to avail the therapy to help me improve my muscles and bones so I can regain my youthful energy and vigor.

Because there were only a few visitors when I visited the clinic, I agreed with the practitioner’s suggestion that I start my first session of therapy that same day. I wanted to start recovering from my condition so I did not wait for another day or week to address my problems. The practitioner told me that some type of massage is also essential in the restoration of the body’s normal functions and movements. So after our discussion about the range of motion exercises, she performed a relaxation massage on my back, arms and legs. She said that the massage will help in the loosening of stiff muscles. I learned that when the muscles are kept stiff for a long period of time, the body and its parts such as the arms and legs are not going to perform their functions normally. It would be difficult for the person to move easily and without suffering from minor to severe pain. On my part, I there were days that I feel minor pains in my shoulders and thighs. Before the relaxation massage, I was instructed to do some stretching and range of motion exercises.  

After my first visit at the clinic and first session of physical therapy, I felt very relaxed and energetic. It was like I can do a lot of tasks like the way I used to during my younger days. I followed the practitioner’s advice of performing stretching and range of motion exercises on a regular basis. It has been a week since my visit and I must say that there is improvement and big difference in the way I feel before and after I discovered and tried physical therapy.   

In this article, we can see how important health is and how physical therapy can contribute positively to this aspect. If you find interest in reading health-related articles such as this, do click here. Giving importance to health is making life disease-free.