There are a lot of women that wonder as to what’s okay during pregnancy and what is not. The below mentioned tips will help you have a healthy pregnancy. Talk with your doctor if you have other concerns or questions.

High Doses of Caffeine: Coffee acts as a slow poison for the baby. So, when you consume high doses of caffeine during pregnancy, it has an adverse effect on the health of the baby.

Illegal Drugs: You should avoid illegal drugs. However, if you do use drugs, allow this pregnancy to be a changing point in your life by giving up the harmful drugs for the health and babtywellness of the baby.

Junk Food: Yes! Junk foods such as Hot Dogs are not good for the baby. Rather, you should take a healthy diet for these 9 months. It will only be a small sacrifice for the wellness of your angel.

Raw Meat: You should not consume or eat raw e meat or meat that has not been properly cooked. It’s because raw meat does not provide energy to the mothers, but it enhances the work of the digestion system and it is also not good for the health of the baby.

Smoking and Drinking: All of us are aware that women tend to ignore this warning. It is a taboo to smoke during pregnancy, and more so not in the first trimester. Soft drinks and cola can be a good alternative, while the hard alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.

Stress: One of the most important things to do is AVOID STRESS. You should not undertake any activities that expose you to any kind of stress, rather you should stay relaxed.

X-Rays: You should make it a point to not come under the scanner of the X-Rays and scans during the period of pregnancy as much as possible. You should tell your doctor about your baby and postpone the x-rays until delivery. Only, if it is extremely urgent or severe, you can have a scan and that too after the first trimester.

The above list is a Not To Do list and it will be only good for your health. At the same time, it will also ensure that your baby stays fit and fine inside your womb. You can come across lots of other suggestions and advices on a pregnancy blog or website. In this way you can stay happy and healthy during this lovely phase of your life.